Privacy Policy

BCL Gemstyle Ltd. respects the importance of privacy on the Internet and is committed to protecting our site visitors and customers.
We do not disclose any information about our customers to third parties.

Cookie Policy:
What are they and how do they work?
A cookie is a small bit of computer text that is downloaded to your device when you visit our website or open our emails. Your browser will then send this cookie back to the website whenever you visit the site again and this enables the website to recognise you and in some cases will even show some details specific to you.

Do we use cookies and why?
Yes we do as it enables us to make our site as useful for you as possible. For example, keeping you logged in during your visit. Without cookies our site might forget you and you’d have to constantly log back in. This benefits you when your shopping basket has items in it and you proceed to the checkout.

Can you refuse cookies?
If you do not want your browser to accept cookies it is possible to change your browser settings. It is also possible to delete existing cookies from your browser as well. However blocking and/or deleting all cookies will affect your web experience and may result our website not functioning properly. Don’t forget, some cookies are designed to help save you time. The procedure for modifying your privacy preferences is different for each internet browser and we recommend you visit for further information on altering your cookie settings.



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